Pre Construction & Post Construction Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Ohio offers Pre and Post Construction Cleaning services throughout Northeastern Ohio. Some of our popular locations include Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Galion, Ashland, Mansfield, and surrounding areas.

We have a proven track record of delivering superior cleaning services to many large customers that demand a high-quality service in a timely manner. We understand that time constraints are one of the major factors in choosing a reputable construction cleaning service to turn over the buildings to the property owner. Our team is staffed with a professional management team that is willing to work with you in order to ensure that the deadlines are met in a high-quality fashion.

The two most important things that are focused on when it comes to construction cleaning are attention to detail for the customer who is purchasing the home, as well as the seller to make sure as much profit can be made as possible. The other most important thing to focus on is deadlines as in the home buying industry time frames are everything and knowing you can get your home ready to sell during a hot market can make a very big difference in selling prices.

Commercial Cleaning Enterprises has a professional staff who is highly trained in construction cleaning for remodeling services to make sure the house is looking spotless without breaking the bank. Find out more information about our construction cleaning services in Ohio by requesting a FREE QUOTE at the top of our website today!

Some of our Pre-Construction Cleaning Services include:
Installing Plastic Covers on Floors, Doors, Counters, or Appliances
Dusting top to bottom
Removing excess adhesives and debris from sinks/faucets
Cleaning blinds/windows before and after for long term cleanliness
Disposing of trash or debris that may need to be moved before construction can start.

Some of our Post Construction Cleaning Services include:
Spot cleaning walls and floors from construction
Wiping down glass windows, flooring, and surfaces
Vacuuming carpets + mopping floors
Dusting areas out of reach for most homeowners
Tile + Grout Cleaning
Debris removal if needed
Removing Tape, Plastic Tarps, and Appliance covers
Electrical Switch Cleaning
Cleaning/Dusting of HVAC vents


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