10 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Help Grow Your Business

In this blog post today we will be talking about 10 ways that commercial cleaning services can help you grow your business. Let’s begin with some of our favorites!

1). Increasing Productivity

This one comes as no surprise that a clean workspace helps to increase productivity. Whether you are in a factory setting, office workspace, or a retail store, all of these areas can greatly benefit from the ease of finding items you are looking for to get your job done right. There are often where you may spend several minutes looking for materials, the paper you need to complete an office task, or even finding customer’s information to return a phone call to someone inquiring about your business. All of these factors can help to improve production rates, call-back times, and overall improving the image that you are providing your customer with deadlines that can be met in a timely fashion.  We often hear of customer’s feedback of success stories of how much easier the workspaces are to keep clean once they have been deep cleaned with the correct practices as well. No matter if this is a one-time deep-clean or a reoccurring weekly or monthly clean this is one of the best return on investments growing businesses can expect to see.

2). Lowering Time Off Requests

Time off requests can be costly to many employees who need to fill in different jobs throughout the day or customers who are expecting a product to be in their hands by a certain point in time. These factors can often be reduced by having employees who can work without delays such as illness or sick time off at a moment’s notice. There is nothing worse to other employees than finding out as you are walking in the door of your workspace that someone that you need to get the job done for the day has called off from not feeling well for that day. We attempt to greatly reduce these call-offs by improving the conditions that the employees and customers are often traveling in by cleaning walkways, doors, surfaces, break rooms, restrooms, and other areas that could have been cleaned in quite some time. By removing the guesswork of when the area was last cleaned you can ensure that our friendly staff goes the extra mile during our one-time visits and our scheduled visits to clean areas that are frequently visited often with safe to use professional-grade chemicals and industry-leading techniques. 

3). Improving the odds of Returning Customers

When it comes to first-time customers, nothing lasts longer than a bad first image of your business. The easiest way to ruin a customer’s first impression is by having a dirty office, unsanitary conditions where food is being served, or dirty restrooms that leave the customers wanting to run out the front doors in horror. We often hear from business owners and managers that there simply isn’t enough time during the day to remember to go in the restrooms to clean every few hours and we completely understand. However, it has been proven through our research and industry research that an already clean environment is easier to keep clean once it has been done one time properly. Although a deep one-time clean can greatly improve the odds of customers returning for business we strongly recommend businesses consider a schedule that works best based on cleaning frequency. Some of the benefits include a cleaner business, cheaper weekly or monthly costs based on schedule, and overall improved customer experiences from the second they walk in the door. We are a firm believer in there is not a single cleaning package or schedule that works for everyone, but we try our best to provide our customers a package that fits their cleaning needs for every budget.

4). Reducing Injury Claims

Although this one on the list may not apply to all it is still incredibly important for most businesses as workers’ compensation and injury complaints against your business can be quite costly and reputations can quickly fall depending on hows severe the claims are. We help reduce injury claims by removing excess waste from pre-construction cleanup, post-construction cleanup, and removing debris from highly-traffic walkways inside and outside the business entryways. There is nothing worse for a business than an employee, customer, or vendor coming into a business and falling over trash that has been neglected on the floor and becoming seriously injured. 

5). Professional Cleaning Service Schedules That Work for You

As a cleaning company that has been around for many years, we have seen some very interesting cleaning packages provided by competitors over the years – to say the least. One thing that sets us apart from other competitors is our willingness to work with the business to create a completely custom cleaning schedule plan that works for both parties. This can vary depending on the size of the business, the amount of employees, as well as the amount of customers coming into your business every day but we do our best to weed out the extra fluff that others may attempt to sell you on that, is not needed in most normal circumstances. No matter if you need a weekly quick clean, a monthly deeper clean, or a yearly cleanse we have the tools and trained staff to pull almost any size of the job that is thrown at us within a timely and affordable manner.

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6). Time is Money

The old sang of “time is money” really comes into play with a lot of growing businesses as there are only 24 hours in a day. This provides you with very little time to tackle the hard challenges with inventory control, accounting, payroll, and other obstacles that can take a majority of your time every day to keep your business rolling. We help companies focus on the important parts of growing their businesses, while we put our knowledge, experience, and industry-leading equipment to work so you don’t have to. 

Some of the Different Cleaning Services we offer to companies include:

  • Sweep & Mop Tile Floors
  • Vacuum All Flooring & Carpets
  • Disinfect & Clean Restrooms
  • Clean Windows, Mirrors & Glass
  • Clean Window Sills
  • Emptying Cigarette Receptacles
  • Sweeping Outside Entryways
  • Sanitizing Doors & Light Switches
  • Spot-Wash Interior Glass
  • Dusting Horizontal Areas
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Desks
  • Sanitizing Bathroom Counters & Sinks
  • Sanitizing Toilets & Urinals
  • Refilling Paper & Soap Products
  • Spot Cleaning Offices & Walls
  • Emptying Trash & Replacing Liners

7). Professional Grade Cleaning Equipment

We often will see users online wondering what the difference is between normal cleaning equipment you can grab at the store vs professional commercial cleaning grade equipment that can be costly and not often found online. One of the main reasons why these chemicals and equipment are much more expensive online is due to the amount of time and research companies spend to create the easiest to use and best ways to clean different areas of commercial cleaning businesses. These tools are much stronger in removing excess grime, dirt, dust, debris, and germs than normal store-bought equipment. You will often find these companies will only sell to professional cleaners to prevent potential damage from first-time users. As the chemicals can be much more concentrated and stronger at removing stains the risk of an untrained or inexperienced cleaner damaging a business’s workspace is greatly increased as well. This is why you will always want to ensure that a reputable and insured commercial cleaner is the only type of professional commercial cleaning service are inside of your work environment.

8). Reputable Employees Inside of Your Business

One of the main reasons that we often hear of companies purchasing these services is knowing that the people inside of your business are reputable and trustworthy. There is nothing worse than someone inside of your working environment that you aren’t familiar with and have to double-check to see if everything valuable or important is where it is supposed to be. Here at Commercial Cleaning Enterprises (CCE) all of our employees have had thorough background checks and extensive testing to ensure the workers inside of your business are ones that you can trust to get the job done without any issues occurring.

9). The Professional Image of Your Business

When it comes to professionalism nothing stands out more than professional staff, a clean working environment, and employees that take pride in keeping their areas clean. Our services at CCE can greatly improve the chances of your employees also keeping their area clean as it takes much fewer minutes a day to keep an area clean than to spend time deep cleaning the area during a busy workday. We often hear compliments of how great our floor services are after reviving worn-out flooring from being older over time as wax coatings fade. Not only can our machines help restore the flooring to the previous former glory but it also provides a thick layer of protection to help keep your floors from scuffs, scratches, and potentially smaller sized dings as well.

10). The Smell!

One of the main senses in our bodies is being able to smell. One of the highest-rated benefits of professional cleaning products is the removal of unwanted odors and providing the location with extremely pleasant smells and scents that you can even smell the cleanliness in the air. This is done in part by removing some of the daily odors that are not pleasant and providing your workspace with safe to use chemicals that not only do a great job at cleaning – but provide your location with a lasting smell that smells great too! This helps your first-time customers, existing employees, and business connections leaving you with a long-lasting professional image of your business!